GHANA: Have project

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Anja Charity Foundation is a community based charity established by a young community member Alfred Nyasem, in 2010. We focus on providing care and support to children, especially for those children, who nobody else would care for, children in difficult situations such as orphans, street children, abandoned and neglected children. We are trying to meet their basic needs of accommodation, food, education and health care.

Our main goals are:

  • We want to ensure survival, protection and development of all children as well as their active participation in the lives of their families, schools and communities.
  • We want to create awareness and knowledge of the right of children including those in extreme difficult situations and we would like to change the harmful values, attitudes, habits, practices and behaviours towards children.
  • We want to create sufficient opportunities for production, employment and sustainable income and livelihood in order to create the framework or necessary conditions for ensuring survival, development, protection and participation of all children in future.

Where do we operate?

Our projects are located in the village of Have Atsiame, in the Volta Region of Ghana, on the main road from Accra to Hohoe, three hours far away from Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

GHANA: Have project

The problem:

A high number of children in Ghana’s communities are finding themselves in very difficult situations that hamper their growth, development, survival and education. The list of problems is long and the number of children suffering is too high. Especially in rural areas many children are living in poverty resulting in hunger, malnutrition, homelessness, illiteracy, child labour, diseases, and teenage pregnancies among others. Some children suffer from problems of broken homes, unfair discrimination, child abuse, child streetism etc.

These harsh situations in which too many of the children in Ghana live have inflicted physical and psychological scars on them.

Together with our partner in Ghana “Anja Charity Foundation” we work to prevent these situations. We do our best to help children affected by these problems to enjoy a normal life and gain perspectives for their future.

Our projects:

Education: Our school

SUSAN GRIESBACH EDUCATION CENTRE is the name of our charity school in Have, Volta Region of Ghana. The school has been established to help needy children gain standard education even if their parents or guardians don’t have money to send them to school. The school started on the 17th of January 2010 with three children, under a shade made of palm leaves.

With the help some volunteers from Germany we had four classrooms at the moment.

Currently the total number of children is 140 in Crèche, Kindergarten and primary with seven (7) teachers. The school starts at 8:30 am and at this time all children arrive at school.

In the afternoon by 12:00 pm, all pupils have a lunch at school, rested for 30 minutes and go back to classroom. Normal school close at 3:30 pm and all children depart.

GHANA: Have project

Gblorkpor Village Basic School: (our newly opened charity school opened 2013 due to lack of bus/van to bring them to Have for education).

Education instead of fishing: In 2013, ACF started a basic school in the village of Gblorkporkope.

The village is a fishing community and the people of the village believe fishing to be better than education. Therefore at the age of seven years, a child is expected to start learning how to fish. It takes so long to convince the villagers and at last it was agreed that we establish a school for the children. The school is not so far from Have but van or bus is not available to bring the children to school at Have everyday.

Currently, the school is moving successfully with total number of 70 children though there are challenges of classrooms and furniture.


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